The second free practice of Formula One was suspended twice with red flags on the Bahrain track on Friday.

The second case was strange.

A small, blond dog ran free on the track.

- Oijoijoi, there's an animal!


Oh, cowardly parka, now the runs stop quickly, narrator Niki Juusela said in C More's broadcast.

- I was happy to say that the bunny is there, but the dog is there, Juusela continued, referring to Matti Kyllönen's extremely legendary narrative, which someone has uploaded to YouTube as well.

- There's a wild animal there, Ossi Oikarinen said alongside.

Juusela is known for his animal metaphor.

Ferrari driver Sebastian Vettel was also in the mood.

- Who let the dogs out, who, who, who, he sang a famous song from Baha Men on team radio.

The German added that if he had known dogs were allowed on the track, he would have brought his own with him.

Admittedly, Vettel’s hairy guy was quarantined by the driver.

The first red flags came for a more typical reason before the puppy trouble.

Red Bull’s Alexander Albon shook violently into the tire ramparts in the final bend.

The car got out of hand as he drifted on the sand but kept his foot on the gas.

The speed was more than 160 kilometers per hour, according to C More experts.

The car went into poor condition.

The right rear suspension was torn off.

- I'm fine.

I'm sorry types, Albon said the team radio.

He walked away with his own feet.

Red Bull later tweeted that Albon had also passed a medical examination.

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Lewis Hamilton was the fastest in the rehearsals.

Valtteri Bottas was third and Kimi Räikkönen 17th.