South Korea has more than 500 new coronavirus cases in a single day for two consecutive days

  Xinhua News Agency, Seoul, November 27 (Reporter Lu Rui and Geng Xuepeng) According to the report of the South Korean Central Anti-epidemic Countermeasures Headquarters on the 27th, 569 new cases of new crown were confirmed in South Korea from 0:00 on the 26th to 0:00 on the 27th local time. 500 cases.

  Among the new cases on that day, 525 were local infections and 44 were imported overseas. 337 cases were concentrated in Seoul, Incheon, Gyeonggi Province and other metropolitan areas. At the same time, clusters of infections continued to occur throughout the country.

The South Korean epidemic prevention department stated that it is preliminary judged that a third wave of epidemics is occurring in South Korea.

  South Korean Prime Minister Ding Shi-kyun presided over the meeting of the Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters on the same day. He said that the number of patients, mainly young people, is currently increasing rapidly, and the spread of the epidemic is accelerating. If it cannot be contained, the worry that the number of new cases per day will increase to 1,000 may change. Into reality.

  Recently, South Korea's new crown epidemic has rebounded significantly.

South Korea’s Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters raised the social distancing and epidemic prevention level in the metropolitan area and parts of Gangwon Province from level 1 to level 1.5 on the 17th of this month.

On the 24th, the Central Disaster Safety Countermeasures Headquarters once again raised the level of social distancing prevention in the metropolitan area from 1.5 to 2.

  According to the latest statistics from the Korean Disease Management Agency, as of 0:00 on the 27th, the total number of confirmed cases in South Korea has reached 32,887, a total of 516 deaths, and a total of 27,103 cured.