The health crisis has created an economic crisis for millions of Americans.



One in eight Americans say they have sometimes or often not had enough to eat in recent weeks, which represents nearly 26 million adults.

This is the finding revealed by a study by the Census Bureau conducted between late October and early November, published by the

Washington Post on


Since 1998, the date of the first data collection of this type, this figure had never been reached.

This is particularly the consequence of the current health crisis which has led to an economic crisis.

Millions of Americans have lost their jobs in recent months, sinking into poverty.

According to the Census Bureau study, hunger affects even one in six American adults, if only households with children are taken into account.

States more affected than others

Some parts of the territory are more affected than others.

In Houston, Texas, one in five adults say they can't always eat their fill.

Similar situations are also seen in other states, such as Arizona, Ohio, and Pennsylvania.

To cope with this situation, the food banks that organize distributions are unable to meet all of the demand and are waiting for aid from the American authorities.


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