Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, November 27th (Reporter Wang Lili) The fourth cross-strait media visit event with the theme of "Meeting in Ice and Snow to Help the Winter Olympics" was held from November 25th to 28th.

Media reporters from both sides of the strait went to Chongli, Huailai, Hebei and other places to carry out related visits and exchanges around the theme of the Beijing Winter Olympics.

  This event was hosted by the Beijing Taiwan Federation of Trade Unions. Reporters from more than 20 media from both sides of the Taiwan Strait experienced the charm of ice and snow sports and the preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics.

  Beijing successfully bid for the Winter Olympics in 2015.

Currently, the Winter Olympics venues and infrastructure construction have achieved phased results.

As the co-host of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the preparations for the Winter Olympics in Chongli, Hebei and Yanqing, Beijing have been advanced simultaneously, and the participation of local ice and snow sports has further increased.

  In the Zhangjiakou Winter Olympics planning exhibition hall, Cai Shujuan, director of the Mainland News Center of Taiwan Herald, stopped to watch the exhibition board.

"I think Taiwan readers are very interested in the theme of ice and snow. What they want to know is the concept and current situation of ice and snow sports; what is the preparation for the second Winter Olympics; and the third aspect is what will happen to the venues after the Winter Olympics. Follow-up use."

  Wang Huidan, a member of the visiting group and a reporter from the Taiwan Xinsheng Daily, is the first time to experience the charm of the "ice and snow" in the north.

"It takes only one hour to reach Chongli by high-speed rail from downtown Beijing. It is really convenient. Skiing is also very fun." She said excitedly.

  The visiting group visited the Putrajaya, Secret Garden, Genting, Taiwu and other Winter Olympic venues, and interacted with relevant staff of the Winter Olympics.

The members of the visiting delegation said that the Winter Olympics promotion is a rare opportunity, and the cross-strait media visits have built a good platform, which is not only conducive to the communication between the media colleagues on both sides of the strait, but also helps to understand the audience on both sides of the strait. Demands and differences in access.

  During the event, the delegation also visited local Taiwanese companies to learn about their resumption of work and production under the epidemic prevention and control.

  Zhang Xiaojun, secretary-general of the Beijing Taiwan Federation of Taiwanese Federations, said that this event is to help reporters on both sides of the strait to better understand the preparations for the 2022 Winter Olympics, to promote the events of the 24th Winter Olympics in China, and to make the media more effective. Become a "ambassador for peace" between the two sides of the strait, tell the "cross-strait story" well, and implement the tasks of "serving Taiwan compatriots, serving development, and serving the overall situation".