Maradona's daughter with her father


27 November 2020The memory of the father entrusted to social media.

Real declarations of love.

To break the silence 48 hours after the sudden death of Diego Maradona is Dalma, the first daughter born from the marriage between the Argentine champion and Claudia Villafañe.

"I will love you and defend you for life," Dalma writes.

"I have always been very afraid of my death, but not today. Because I know that this will be the moment when I will see you again and hug you again - writes Dalma Maradona - I already miss you pa! I will resist here, without that part of my heart that yesterday you brought with you! I will love you and defend you for life because I thank you for the shared life! I am broken but I will move on! I have put my pieces together and I cannot imagine what my life will be like without you. life is a bit like that, see you soon! I'll bring you the daisies to decorate your player socks and please look at me again with that love you see in the picture! I will love you forever ", Dalma's heartfelt words.

From Italy the words of love of Diego jr, the Neapolitan son, born a few months before Dalmita, recognized after a long legal battle and in recent years very close to the champion: "Beside you I was invincible" he writes.

The photos accompany the posts: Dalma's portrays her as a child on the lawn of the Centro Paradiso di Soccavo in Naples, who collects daisies under the smiling gaze of dad Diego in overalls during a break from a workout.

Also impactful is the shot of Diego junior (who was unable to go to Argentina because he was convalescing after the positivity at Covid), where he is kissed by his father.

"How happy I was with you ... you couldn't even imagine it, just looking at you next to me I felt invincible!"

Diego junior's message - How much I will miss this hug my life, nor can you even remotely imagine how much I will miss sitting with you to watch a game of our beloved Napoli !!

What about my children?

How will they do without such a loving grandfather?

I promise that they will always be on your side, that they will always defend you and that they will always swell their chest talking about their grandfather! ".

" Captain of my heart you will never die because I will love you until the last breath I will have !!

- Diego junior writes again - Wait for me and find me when my time comes because I have

always wanted you by my side because a son next to a father is not afraid of anything!

Have a good trip 10 of my heart !!

I love you".