The mission is unfinished, and Zhengyi is puzzled.

52 veterans of a certain brigade of the 78th Army wrote a "War Request"-after

the "battle" they leave the team

  In early winter, on the field stationed in the field, the "fight" was vigorous.

  Looking at the hot training scene before him, Li Jinpeng, commander of the artillery battalion of a certain brigade of the 78th Army, could not help but think of 52 veterans requesting to return to the "battlefield" in early September this year.

  That was the day before the battalion organized a live fire drill.

52 soldiers received the order to retire.

According to the drill plan, they could have not participated.

But these 52 fighters asked for one after another, and pressed the "red handprint" on the "Invitation Letter": The mission is unfinished, and the army is puzzled. They must finish this "war" before leaving the team.

  Reading through the 52 "War Requests" submitted, Li Jinpeng found that the anti-epidemic warriors have become role models for veterans.

  Zhang Yuchen, a full-service veteran who has won many championships at all levels of competitions, wrote: “In the face of a sudden epidemic, the 80-year-old academician Zhong Nanshan advised everyone not to go to Wuhan, while resolutely'retrograde' to the front line... as a soldier. , We should always be ready to charge, draw and win at critical moments."

  Li Shengming, a full-service veteran from Wuhan, Hubei, said passionately: "Zhang Dingyu, the director of Wuhan Jinyintan Hospital, who is suffering from frostbite, is racing against time and snatching patients back from death...We must also promote the great anti-epidemic spirit. Learn from it. Even if you retire from active service, you must achieve'if there is a battle, the recall will return'!"

  The great era calls for a great spirit, and a noble cause needs to be led by an example.

According to the leaders of the brigade, since this year, they have organized officers and soldiers to learn from Chairman Xi’s important speech at the National Commendation Conference for Fighting the New Coronary Pneumonia Epidemic, held a keynote speech on "Promoting the Anti-epidemic Spirit and Striving to Be a Model of Elite Armed Forces" and opened a " The most beautiful retrograde, shining youth" column promotes heroic deeds in the fight against the epidemic, and guides officers and soldiers to base themselves on their positions and practice their ability to win.

  Faced with difficulties, we can rush to the critical moment.

During the exercise assessment, a battalion corporal Shen Hongli accidentally sprained his right foot.

He was not slightly injured but insisted on marching with the troops to complete the exercise task well.

Shen Hongli told reporters that it was his cousin's touching deeds in fighting the epidemic that inspired him.

  It is understood that Shen Hongli's cousin is a medical staff member of a designated hospital for the treatment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

During the Spring Festival this year, the cousin who was on vacation at home suddenly received a recall notice and returned to work as soon as possible.

"In the battle against the epidemic, my cousin used the hospital as a battlefield and stood firm and did not shrink back. In the face of the exercise and assessment tasks, I also have to charge forward." Shen Hongli said excitedly.

  Recently, the resident temperature dropped sharply and the wind was rustling, but the brigade officers and soldiers were more enthusiastic about training.

Yang Xiaocong, the third-level sergeant commander of the Ninth Company, led the whole class to practice operational skills in a certain new tank...

  Zou Qi