Karlsruhe (dpa) - The stable with exercise area is only a good twelve meters away from the neighbors' single-family house - and has been causing angry arguments for years.

Several courts have already decided in the case from Saxony-Anhalt, now the Federal Court of Justice (BGH) could have the last word.

The Karlsruhe judges announce their verdict today.

The neighbors see themselves being deprived of their sleep by beating the stable walls and loud neighing.

The question is whether the equestrian center is no longer allowed to use its stable or at least has the opportunity to cut off the noise by using upholstery on the pit walls or a dampening floor covering.

This was the last suggestion by the Naumburg Higher Regional Court.

At the hearing on October 2, the BGH judges already indicated that they were critical of this judgment.

Because the horse owners did not have a building permit for the stable.

Your action for subsequent grant was finally dismissed by the administrative courts.

Announcement by the BGH