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Incivility, throwing stones at the buses or trams of the Strasbourg Transport Company (CTS), this is not really new.

What could be, however, is the nature of the projectiles and the will of the authors.

On Wednesday, a bus driver was shot at by a man on a scooter.

After showing his weapon, the individual fired before fleeing.

The shot hit the side window of the bus, fortunately without causing any injuries.

The author of the shooting is still wanted by the police.

Thursday, it is a new act of violence against the staff of the CTS.

Two projectiles hit a tram and flicked through windows.

The facts would have occurred on the route of line B of the tram, according to the Facebook page of the CGT of the CTS.

A rise in violence which worries the union.

Projectiles not yet identified

The facts were confirmed at

20 Minutes

by CTS.

“We have indeed observed damage.

We are not at all sure that there is a link with what happened on Wednesday, but given the circumstances, the link has been made by a lot of people… But for the moment an investigation is underway , we do not know at all, underlines the CTS.

But of course we fully appreciate the gravity of such acts.


Throwing stones, marbles with a slingshot, a ball?

“For the moment, confirms 

20 Minutes

a police source, the experts are working to identify the exact nature of the projectiles which are still not identified.

But even a marble thrown with a slingshot can be lethal.


An investigation is underway, notably with the use of video surveillance.


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