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United States, the number of corona 19 confirmed cases in the world exceeded 90,000 for the first time.

As a result, the atmosphere of the store was sluggish even on Black Friday, the biggest shopping topic.

This is Kim Yoon-soo, correspondent from Washington.


A large shopping mall in New York, USA.

As usual, it is a place that is usually crowded with shoppers, but this year, it is only busy even though it is Black Friday, the biggest shopping topic.

The long queues that lasted the night before in major stores have also become much shorter.

[Shoppers: There are far fewer people going shopping this year.

As usual, there were a lot more people waiting around the night.]

Due to the spread of Corona 19 infection, more people chose to shop online rather than go directly to stores.

Thanksgiving online shopping hit the largest transaction ever.

This year's Thanksgiving online shopping expenditure was totaled at KRW 5.6 trillion, up 21.5% from last year.

[Say/President of the US National Retail Federation: This Thanksgiving Black Friday is completely different from other years.

Consumers have moved online, and few people go to the store.]

Corona 19 infection is spreading every day.

For the first time in the United States, more than 90,000 patients have been hospitalized for Corona 19.

The number of inpatients is rising to the 17th consecutive high.

The number of new confirmed cases exceeded 100,000 for 24 consecutive days.