The UK national health service NHS has told hospitals in the country that they will have access to vaccines developed and manufactured by Pfizer / BioNTech in 10 days.

The hospitals have also been asked to prepare for the administration of the vaccines.

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The first doses may arrive on December 7.

According to the NHS, vaccinations could then start a few days later.

Medical personnel will be the first to be considered for administration.

Residents eighty years and older and staff of the care institutions would then be next.

The British government had determined in September that the over-80s and residents of care centers would be the first to receive an injection.

"If the NHS staff is the first to act, we consider it treason," said a spokesman on behalf of the health care managers.

However, the nature of the vaccine is likely to deviate from this priority list.

Experts believe that the ingredients produced by the Pfizer vaccine become unstable and lose its effectiveness if it is transported too often.

When the vaccine reaches British hospitals, it has already been transported twice: first from the factory in Belgium to a distribution center in England and from there to the hospitals.

"After that, we have to process it within five days, otherwise the expiration date has passed," a hospital director told

The Guardian