October 17, 2019 Six prison police officers serving at the "Lorusso and Cutugno" prison in Turin were arrested on charges of torturing some inmates.

The measure stems from an investigation that has ascertained serious episodes of violence committed inside the penitentiary, in the period between April 2017 and November 2018. To start the investigations, a report from the Guarantor of private persons of the personal freedom of the Municipality of Turin, which had learned of one of the incidents during an interview with some inmates.

"The activity, which concerns not only people currently subject to precautionary measures, but also other subjects under investigation on the loose - reads a note from the Prosecutor's Office - is still in progress and is aimed at ascertaining any criminal liability of other subjects , as for verifying whether there have been other similar episodes, in addition to those reported so far. The application of precautionary measures (house arrest ed) was therefore necessary to avoid, in this delicate phase, the danger of probative pollution ".