The Washington Post criticized Trump's pardon for former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, describing it as a disgrace.

"Day after day and year after year, Americans wondered when Trump would change; but winning the primaries, entitlement to the Republican nomination, entering the White House, and assuming the presidency did not get him out of his usual filth. It was an exaggeration to imagine losing his re-election bid," she said at the beginning of her editorial. It will lead to a change of character, so President Trump leaves the White House as he entered it: a shocking shame. "

What Americans can hope for will be the latest official decline in his position is when the president pardoned Flynn on Wednesday, in the afternoon before Thanksgiving.

Flynn had openly confessed to committing the crime of lying, which is in fact a felony, when he admitted to FBI investigators that he had discussed sanctions against the Kremlin with the Russian ambassador, Sergey Kislyak, and Finn said at the time, "I realize that the measures taken I confessed it in court, today, it was wrong, and out of my belief in God, I am working to correct things, and I take full responsibility for my actions. "

But he withdrew his entire confession after that.

Trump's America will remain like this for at least another two months: the guilty party is innocent, the lie is real, and the traitors are patriots

The newspaper reported that Flynn changed his lawyer and replaced him with attorney Sidney Powell - the same attorney who last week alleged a widespread international communist plot to overturn the 2020 presidential elections in favor of President-elect Joe Biden - and insisted that he was the victim of fraud by "FBI".

Of course, no one forced him to lie to anti-espionage investigators, according to the newspaper.

Michael Flynn with Donald Trump during his 2016 campaign (Reuters)

The newspaper criticized Trump, now that the case was closed, for blurring the facts and debate, using one of his less auditable powers.

That is his pardon, to formally end Flynn's drama.

In doing so, she said, he enabled a pleading criminal to escape punishment, simply because he was loyal to Trump.

As he often does, Trump based his decision on a completely untwisted conspiracy theory and insisted yesterday, through his press secretary, that Flynn was "a victim of party government officials who participated in a coordinated attempt to sabotage the 2016 elections".

But the fact of the matter - as the newspaper says - is that Flynn was arrested, plotting with a representative of a foreign government that deliberately tried to sabotage the 2016 elections, and then lied about this to the "FBI".

The newspaper believes that Trump's America will remain that way for at least two more months: the culprit is innocent, the lie is real, and the traitors are patriots.

She concluded that the question is not whether Trump has demoted the presidency, it is a foregone conclusion.

Rather, what is the extent of the long-term damage this act has caused, and will future presidents now feel free to use the amnesty - or other broad powers of office - with such blatant twisted motives?

How many will believe that they can make corruption appear patriotic, as long as there are enough Americans who want to believe the lies they tell ?, according to the newspaper.