The Pirkanmaa District Court has sentenced a man to probation for pointing people with an air gun-like air pistol in Tampere last September.

First, the man pointed the passer-by at the gun and pressed the trigger so that the passer-by heard the sound of the striker.

A passerby alerted police and said the man had the right weapon.

When the police patrol arrived on the scene, they too thought the gun was genuine.

The man refused to give up the gun but aimed it directly at the police.

That's when one of the cops shot the man in the side.

It was only later that it became clear that the weapon in the man’s hand as well as the other weapon on the waist were air pistols.

The man confessed to the acts and was sentenced to one year in prison for illegal threats, violent resistance from an official, and a drug use offense.

The district court handed down its verdict on 17 November.

It is legally binding.