Russian news site Proekt has published an extensive investigative journalism article in which the site explores the backgrounds of the millionaire beauty in St. Petersburg, Svetlana Krivonog.

There is also an English version of the article on the Proekt website.

The most surprising revelation of the article relates to Krivonogi's daughter Yelizaveta Vladimirovna Krivonogih, who is said to have been born in 2003. According to the site's conclusions, Yelizaveta's father is most obviously Vladimir Putin, who was still married to Lyudmila Putina at the time.

The couple did not divorce until 2013.

Surprisingly, there is no mention of his father in Yelizaveta’s birth information obtained by the Proekt site.

However, it is noteworthy that her hostname is Vladimirovna, which means "Vladimirintytär" in Finnish.

According to the Proekt site, Jelizaveta, 17, has been using a surname other than her mother for several years.

In social media, he, in turn, appears under an invented name.

- Judging from the profile pictures, he has a phenomenal resemblance to the President of Russia, the Proekt website writes.

Below is a video on the Proekt site on the topic in Russian:

The site does not reveal Yelizaveta’s pseudonyms in her article, nor does she publish photos of her, as the girl is not yet an adult.

However, the site says it has commissioned a facial recognition professional to perform a computer analysis of Yelizaveta’s photos and the result is that he has a 70.44 percent similarity to Putin.

Such a high degree of similarity suggests, according to the analysis, that the persons in question are “possibly related”.

When Proekt found out the background to the sudden enrichment of Svetlana Krivonogi and was also connected to this herself, all the photos with her face clearly visible on Jelizaveta’s social media sites disappeared.

Proekt is an independent news site specializing in various investigative journalism projects.

Many of its previous revelation articles have dealt with Putin’s inner circle.

Some of them have also been translated into English and can be found at this link.

IS has also previously cited Proekt's reports on, for example, Putin's personal corona security, the property of the Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin's family, and the poisoning of Alexei Navalny.

The news site bases its conclusions on the close relations between Putin and Krivonogi from a number of different sources and various circumstantial evidence.

One detail is, for example, flight ticket data, according to which Putin and Krivonogih traveled on the same flight to Moscow in 1999. They did not sit side by side, but a few rows of benches, but combined with all other evidence, even this small detail became more important in the report.

On top of all that, the woman had bought her ticket just eight minutes before Putin and his travel companion Viktor Zolotov, who later became Putin’s bodyguard and leader of the Russian National Guard.

In later years, in turn, there are several flight ticket data, according to which Krivonogih flew to Moscow several times together with Dina Tsilevich, who in turn had a close relationship with Zolotov.

According to the Proekt website, acquaintance with Putin and Krivonogi began in the 1990s long before Putin became Russian president and the relationship continued until the late 2000s.

Currently, the value of real estate and equity assets in Svetlana Krivonogi is about 7.7 billion rubles, or more than 85 million euros, according to the magazine's report.

He has real estate holdings in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Sochi, as well as a 37-meter pleasure boat, for example.

Krivonogih has not inherited the property, as his parents were almost destitute workers and the family lived in a communal apartment in St. Petersburg.

Krivonogih also worked as a part-time cleaner during his studies.

At some point in the 1990s, however, a wealthy male friend appeared to Krinovogih.

According to old neighbors interviewed by the site, it was known that a mysterious male friend was working at the time as an “official in the St. Petersburg city administration”.

Inquiries of Putin's old acquaintances about Krivonogih produced only evasive answers.

Some either didn’t want to talk about the subject, some said they might have sometimes heard his name, and some denied knowing anything about it.

Igora is a winter sports center in Sosnovo, or Raudu.

According to the Proekt website, Svetlana Krivonogih is the main owner of the resort. Photo: Arja Paananen

Krivonogih graduated from the University of Economics in St. Petersburg in 2000, although the people interviewed by the site, marked as his classmates, do not remember seeing him at all.

At the same time, he also began to get rich fabulously.

Krivonogih, for example, has a stake in Rossija Bank, of which Yuri Kovaltshuk, also called “Putin’s banker,” is a founding member.

According to 2019 data, Krivonogih owns about 2.8 percent of Rossija Bank, which means about 800 million rubles, or 8.9 million euros.

During Putin's presidency, Rossiya Bank has grown from a small bank to a large Russian bank, to which Putin has said he will also direct his own salaries.

After the hijacking of the Crimean peninsula in 2014, the bank was placed on the Western sanctions list precisely because the bank is considered Putin’s own close bank.

According to the project's study, Svetlana Krivonogih is also the actual main owner of the Igora ski resort, which is located on the Karelian coast in the Raudu parish, which once belonged to Finland.

In 2013, Igora celebrated the wedding of Putin's second official daughter, Katerina.

In 2012, Putin invited President Sauli Niinistö to visit Igor, and at that time the presidents played, among other things, hockey in the ice rink of the hotel complex.

A motor sports track has recently been built in connection with Igora, which IS reported in an article published in 2018.

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Construction site of the Igora Drive motorway in Sosnovo, or Raudu, in 2018. Photo: Arja Paananen / IS

In Krivonog, one of the apartments in St. Petersburg is in an enclosed elite complex on Kivisaari, or the Ostroviya district, whose inhabitants are in some way close to the Russian authorities.

The apartments in the complex have not been sold on the free market at all, but have only been provided on the basis of recommendations to people close to Putin.

In addition to Krivonogi, the elite house on Berezovaya Alleja has housing Putin's judo buddies Vasili Shestakov and Arkadi Rotenberg, as well as members of the Ozero villa community, such as Yuri Kovaltshuk, Sergei Furzenko, Viktor Mjatshin and Nikolai Shamalov.

According to the report, Krivonogih seems to have acquired a large part of his holdings through so-called friends of Putin as helpers or direct donors of property.

Krivonogih has been helped in business matters by, for example, Vladimir Litvinenko, rector of St. Petersburg Mining University, under whom Putin defended his doctorate and who has led Putin's election campaigns in St. Petersburg.

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Among the helpers has also been the cellist Sergei Roldugin, whose huge wealth was recently revealed through so-called Panama papers.

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Proekt did not receive any comments on the article from Krivonogih himself.

When the article appeared in Russia on Wednesday, allegations of Putin’s unmarried daughter spread widely in the Russian media.

Putin's press secretary, Dmitry Peskov, who also denied knowing anything about Svetlana Krivonogih, was then also asked about the matter.

Peskov called Proekt's story unbelievable, unfounded and provocative.

- This is not serious material.

There’s nothing here that deserves to be commented on somehow, Peskov said, according to news agency Interfax.