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Several Forum for Democracy prominent people leave the party.

These are Annabel Nanninga, Nicki Pouw-Verweij, Joost Eerdmans and Eva Vlaardingerbroek.

Five of the six Flevoland States members for FVD are also resigning.

They will continue together as a new group.

The FVD has also collapsed in the Amsterdam city council.

"Today we decided to end our membership for Forum for Democracy", Nanninga, Pouw-Verweij, Eerdmans and Vlaardingerbroek say in a joint statement.

The main reason for their decision is that they do not want to be a member "of a party that tolerates extremist views".

"We are very disappointed in the behavior of our party leader who did not want to clean up a house. He took an unpredictable and completely solitary attitude time and again. Internal criticism - which we have always made in the interest of the good name of our party - has unfortunately nothing was achieved ", they write.

The statement concludes: "Although we understand the difficult choice faced by the board, we regret that they have thrown in the towel. We wish all nice, good and enthusiastic FVD'ers who did the best for have a lot of wisdom in their own considerations with the Netherlands. "

Several FVD'ers already left this week

Several representatives of FVD have been critical of Thierry Baudet's actions in recent days.

For example, Pouw-Verweij told

De Telegraaf

that he feared that Baudet has radicalized and believes in conspiracy theories.

"I have the feeling that Thierry has recently become radicalized, and conspiracy theories have started," she writes.

“At one point Thierry shouted that corona had been brought into the world by George Soros and others to take away our freedom and start a new world domination. He shouted that Hillary Clinton 'and the pedophiles' hadn't worked out, but that it would now work via corona. "

Several party leaders already left this week.

For example, Theo Hiddema declared himself "politically incapacitated for work" and immediately left the House of Representatives.

The same day, Senator Paul Cliteur, known as Baudet's mentor, also resigned.

The bomb exploded after the youth branch of the party was discredited on Saturday because of anti-Semitic statements by members of JFVD.

Chairman Freek Jansen of the youth department left and Baudet withdrew as party leader.

Baudet wanted to stand for election afterwards.

The party board wanted to expel him.

The gap between the administration and Baudet had definitely become too wide for reconciliation.

Baudet also realized this and proposed on Thursday to split the party in two.

'A party where Nazism is protected is not my party'

In addition, the prominent figures also come with a loose reaction about their decision to leave the party.

"It ends here," Nanninga writes on Twitter.

"A party where Nazism is protected and constructive internal criticism is systematically punished is not my party", the Amsterdam city councilor said.

She does say she will continue with her political work, "for the people who cast their votes on the FvD program".

Pouw-Verweij says "unfortunately it sees no other choice" than to cancel its membership.

"A lower moral limit has been reached for me, and I can no longer defend this to myself. A lower moral limit has been reached for me, and I can no longer defend this to myself."

Eerdmans expresses his gratitude for the support he has received from sympathizers.

"The adventure ends for me tonight," he said.

Vlaardingerbroek only refers to the published statement for the interpretation of the decision.

Flevoland States members break with the party

There is also an exodus at FVD in Flevoland.

Five of the six FVD States members resign there.

Group chairman Gert-Jan Ransijn told

Omroep Flevoland on

Thursday evening

that the five "have no confidence that the board of FVD will solve the crisis surrounding Thierry Baudet".

In addition to Ransijn, Niek Beenen, Sharon de Lely, Eric Raap and Han Thomassen are leaving FVD.

Only Anton de Lange remains behind the party and Baudet.

The FVD in Amsterdam has decided on Thursday evening not to continue in the city council.

The party currently occupies 2 of the 45 council seats.

"Today we learned that the party board has withdrawn its intention to immediately expel Thierry Baudet. After the further lack of a firm approach to extremism within JFVD last weekend, the bizarre and harmful actions of Baudet and his colleagues this week, and the shocking Anti-Semitic and racist statements by Baudet at a dinner, which have been confirmed by various witnesses, this is the last straw for us. We will therefore not continue on behalf of FVD in the Amsterdam city council. We will continue our political work, for a better and free Amsterdam ", let the FVD Amsterdam know in a response.

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