Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - Minister of Labor Nicole Hoffmeister-Kraut (CDU) sees the professional opportunities of unemployed women dwindling even more because of the Corona crisis.

It therefore wants to strengthen the role of the representative for equal opportunities in the job centers, who are the contact persons there for issues relating to equality or the compatibility of family and work, and who advise both the management and employees of the job centers and job seekers.

The labor and social affairs ministers and senators will discuss a corresponding application from Baden-Württemberg at their conference on Thursday.

The fact that there are such officers is already required by law, but not with what scope of positions.

According to Hoffmeister-Kraut's ideas, there should be at least half a position per job center.

The chances of women to be reintegrated into the labor market are already significantly worse than those of men.

The crisis has worsened that, said Hoffmeister-Kraut of the German press agency.

“It is precisely the women who, through closed day-care centers and home schooling, do more education and care work and are particularly stressed,” she explained.

"I am concerned that old role models will revive or consolidate."

The figures already show that women are more severely affected by job losses, for example in the hospitality industry.


With further draft resolutions, Baden-Württemberg also wants to create greater scope for innovative approaches in labor market policy and expand the so-called passive-active exchange, in which the unemployed are made possible with the help of state subsidies.