China News Service, November 26th, a comprehensive report, local time on the 25th, a generation of superstars in football fell, and the legendary Argentine star Maradona died of a heart attack at home at the age of 60.

  After the news came out, in the stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in San Andres, in La Plata, even in Italy, in the United Kingdom, wherever Maradona has left marks, The fans, wearing shirts and masks painted with Maradona, gathered together spontaneously, shouting, telling, crying, and singing the song "Hands of God" hand in hand...

  "Everyone is waiting for us to say something, but what can we say about the pain we are going through... now is the time to cry." Serie A said in a statement.

Data map: On November 10, 2001, at the Maradona individual farewell match held at the "La Bombonera" stadium in Buenos Aires, Argentina, the ball king blew a kiss to the audience.

After Maradona left these words, he died suddenly

  Originally, November 25 was just an ordinary day.

British media reported that Maradona, as usual, woke up after eating breakfast, took a walk, and then lay down to rest because of fatigue.

  Before the break, the last sentence he said was "Me siento mal" (Me siento mal).

Near noon, when his assistant tried to wake him up, he discovered that he had lost consciousness.

After that, 9 ambulances arrived, but they still failed to rescue him.

  About 3 weeks ago, Maradona had undergone head surgery due to subdural hematoma. The cause may be an unexplained impact on the head.

On November 11, he was transferred to the residence and began to receive treatment for alcohol abstinence from a doctor.

  Since retiring in 1997, he has had many health problems.

In 2004, he was hospitalized with a heart attack caused by a lung infection. At that time, he even stopped beating and breathing.

Later, he was hospitalized for treatment due to stomach bleeding.

On November 25, local time, legendary star Maradona passed away due to illness, and fans in Naples, Italy spontaneously watch for him.

  After the news of Maradona's death, people in the football community expressed their regret and condolences.

Brazil's "ball king" Pele said: "One day, we will definitely meet in the sky to play football."

  The Argentine football superstar Messi released a photo of the two once and said that "Diego is eternal."

  The Portuguese star Cristiano Ronaldo said: "Today, I bid farewell to a friend, and the world bids farewell to an eternal genius." "He left too fast, but the legend left behind is unlimited, and the shortcomings left can never be filled. ."

  The Argentine Football Association expressed “the saddest condolences for the death of the legend”; FIFA President Infantino described him as “a legend, a hero, and a real man”; the European Football Association said that Europe on the 25th The Champions League and the European League on the 26th will observe a one-minute silence before the game to pay tribute to Maradona.

On November 25, local time, in Tigre, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina, police were on guard around the residence of legendary star Diego Maradona.


Maradona once represented Argentina.


  The Presidential Palace of Argentina has announced that because of the death of Maradona, the country will carry out a three-day national mourning.

During this period, Maradona's body will be placed in the presidential palace.

  When President Fernandez mourned, he talked about Maradona's influence on Argentina.

He said: "In the world, Maradona once represented Argentina. He brought us joy, and for so much joy, we have nothing to pay for."

  According to several foreign media reports, Argentina will hold a funeral and farewell ceremony for Maradona.

The British "Guardian" stated that at least 1 million people are expected to come to express their condolences on the 26th.

  At present, outside the presidential palace, fans have gathered around the fence of the building and hung relevant flags and slogans on the fence; others have lined up to wait for Maradona's funeral and farewell ceremony.

  Diego Maradona was born on October 30, 1960, and has a brilliant career as a player.

Has played for Argentina's Boca Youth, Barcelona, ​​Naples and other clubs.

Once, he played 91 games for the Argentina national team, scoring 34 goals; he also led the team to win the 1986 World Cup for Argentina.

After retiring, he coached many teams including the Argentina national team.

  Maradona has accumulated much richer life experience than his age.

He once said that he has always understood that life must be lived to the fullest.

On November 25, local time, legendary star Maradona passed away due to illness. Fans in Naples, Italy spontaneously watched for him. From 1984 to 1992, Maradona brought two Serie A trophies and two for Naples. Italian Cup.

"The ronin, genius and contradiction in football

Which one is the real Maradona?


  On October 30, 2020, Maradona only passed his 60th birthday.

The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) released the half-life of the rebellious "football legend" described by biographer Gilliam Balague:

  Diego Maradona is a ronin, genius and contradiction in football.

Which one is the real Maradona?

  Is it the little boy named Diego, a genius kid from the shanty town of Fiorito in Buenos Aires?

Or is it the man named Maradona who carries dreams and aspirations for the people, and finally convinced them that Argentina is the best country in the world?

Perhaps it is both.

  Back in 1968, Francis Conejo, the coach of the juvenile echelon called the "Little Onion" affiliated to the Argentine Youth Club, came to Fiorito to check the age of a child on his identity certificate.

When he first watched the child's trial, his first reaction was shocked, "He is too young to be eight years old."

  The child’s mother, Dalma Salvadora Franco, took out Diego’s birth certificate at the Evita Hospital to confirm his age.

Francis's performance at that moment was "like discovering a new world."

He found a gem to join his team.

Since March 1969, this small team has been winning, setting a record of 136 consecutive unbeaten games.

  The biographer Gilliam Balague also talked about his "hand of god" goal: "If Argentina hadn't beaten England in the "hand of god" match at the 1986 World Cup in Mexico, He didn't succeed in'revenge' for his defeat in the Falkland Islands four years ago. What will all this be like? That game made him an immortal existence in his home country." (End)