On Thursday afternoon, the Riksdag's Defense Committee and Foreign Affairs Committee had called the Minister of Defense and representatives from the Military Intelligence Service (MUST) and the Security Police (SÄPO) to answer questions about the spy information.

The members of the Riksdag who asked questions about SAAB and industrial espionage received answers.

The Minister of Defense referred to the fact that an investigation is underway in Denmark.

-There are many questions left that need to be answered.

The Riksdag and the Defense Committee need more information about what is happening and what measures are required, says Mikael Oscarsson (KD) who is a member of the Defense Committee.

On the other hand, the representative from MUST said that industrial espionage against Sweden is increasing.

Among other things, Russia and China were mentioned as senders.

- It was a serious message we received today.

It shows that this was not a one-time event but that it is things that happen all the time, every day, Mikael Oscarsson continues.

The NSA spied on the Swedish defense industry

Last Sunday, Danmarks Radio and SVT revealed that the American intelligence service (NSA) probably carried out espionage against the Swedish defense industry.

Credible sources have told Danmarks Radio about how the NSA, with Danish help, spied on, among others, the defense group SAAB, which manufactures the military aircraft JAS.

The wiretapping of Danish data cables took place, according to sources from Danmarks Radio, at the same time as Denmark procured new time planes.

Mikael Oscarsson is concerned that the security threats against Sweden and Swedish companies are increasing.

-It's serious.

Sweden lives on high technology in several industries.

It is important to have a secure marketplace and it is important to strengthen protection against cyber attacks and that you cannot export important information from Sweden in any way, says Mikael Oscarsson.