Gelnhausen (dpa / lhe) - Burning pyrotechnics forced the train driver of an ICE with dozens of passengers on board at Gelnhausen station (Main-Kinzig district) to emergency brake.

A young man had thrown a kind of flare in the early morning hours of Thursday in front of the passing train into the track, as the federal police announced.

Accordingly, none of the 200 passengers was injured during the emergency braking.

According to the federal police, several trains were delayed due to the brief closure of the route.

With information from the train driver, the police were able to provisionally arrest the 22-year-old alleged perpetrator that night at the station.

The officers found further pyrotechnic objects during a search.

The 22-year-old must now answer for dangerous interference in rail traffic and the violation of the Explosives Act, it said.