President Trump "America First Principle Should Continue" November 25, 11:09

US President Donald Trump greets the White House's annual event ahead of Thanksgiving holidays, stating that "it must be America first," and continues to put America first in its own interests. I reiterated the idea that it should be.

President Trump greeted the White House on the 24th, attending an annual White House event to "pardon" turkeys that were scheduled to be on the table before Thanksgiving holidays.

In this, President Trump aimed at military and police officials and said, "The reason they endanger their lives is to make the United States safe and great. It must be America first," he pushed forward. He reiterated the idea that the United States should continue to put the interests of its own country first.

Democratic Party Mr. Biden has indicated that America's first principle has led to the isolation of the United States, and has indicated that it will emphasize strengthening relations with allies and international cooperation, as well as Mr. Mattis, who was Secretary of Defense under the Trump administration He criticized that "the threat to the United States has increased".

Meanwhile, a reporter interviewing the event asked President Trump if he had any plans to invite Mr. Biden to the White House for a transition, but President Trump left without answering the question. ..