▲ Joint Chiefs of Staff Office Building

The military authorities are releasing the results of a detailed analysis of the scientific boundary system consisting of a light network (barbed wire detection sensor), which was controversial because it did not work during the'barbed wire defection' incident at the forefront of Gangwon-do's eastern front line.

The Joint Chiefs of Staff today conducts field tours related to the GOP scientific boundary system for reporters at the Army's GOP (general outpost) unit in Inje, Gangwon-do.

Earlier, the Joint Chiefs of Staff announced that they plan to explain the status of GOP operations in a preliminary notice sent to the reporters on the 19th, and explain the results of detailed analysis of the scientific boundary system and supplementary measures.

The site to be unveiled today is the same area of ​​the Eastern Front as the frontline troops in Goseong, Gangwon-do, where an incident in which a North Korean man in his late twenties crossed the GOP fence on the 3rd and went to South Korea.

It is known that this place is near the Goseong troops and has similar topography such as mountains.

The military plans to explain how to operate a scientific boundary system in the mountainous area of ​​Gangwon-do at the site, but it is expected to disclose some of the military inspection results and improvement measures for the situation at the time of North Korean civilians Vietnam.

The on-site disclosure was made as concerns about the military's scientific boundary system were raised as a result of the incident when the North Korean man A crossed the GOP double barbed wire in Goseong.

Separately, even if the military authorities captured the scene of Mr. A crossing the iron fence in real time with a thermal surveillance equipment (TOD), recruitment was secured in 14 hours, and there are still doubts whether there were any loopholes in the operation at the time.

It is also interpreted that the intention is to inform the military's'limits' that the eastern region where the Vietnam incident occurred is difficult to achieve perfect boundaries even with a scientific boundary system.

An official of the Joint Chiefs of Staff said, "This schedule is in accordance with media requests," and said that the schedule will be carried out in compliance with quarantine regulations such as fever testing.

(Photo = Yonhap News)