Severe restrictions are planned for the metropolitan area to defeat the corona.

Museums, swimming pools and other public spaces are going to close.

HELSINKI: The Arabian Library was deserted on Monday. Photo: Aleksi Jalava / IS

HELSINKI: The doors of the City Theater stayed closed on Tuesday. Photo: Jussi Helttunen

Elsewhere in the country, the situation varies.

In many places, life revolves almost unchanged.

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    From Järvenpää and Tuusula, warm “stay there” greetings to the SME region

In Turku, everything works almost normally.

The library, indoor swimming pool and museums are open.

You can watch shows in the theaters and enjoy music in the concert hall.

Korona is visible to the people of Turku in the fact that there have been restrictions in theaters and concert halls for a long time.

- There are safety gaps in the auditoriums and fewer spectators are admitted, says Saara Malila, Turku's Communications Director.

TURKU: Tarja Anttila and Kaisa Anttila (unrelated) came from Mynämäki as invited guests of the Turku City Theater to watch the Nokia play.

- You can't stay home, you can be safe with culture by following the instructions, Tarja Anttila says. Photo: Tatu Lertola

In early autumn, Korona began to spread menacingly in the city.

Schools switched to distance learning.

The use of face masks is recommended for schoolchildren and teachers.

The corona spread especially among immigrants.

- That chain was broken.

The imams were assembled.

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TURKU: TPS's U16 puckers trained at Impivaara Ice Rink on Tuesday.

Parents Jussi Salminen and Ville Mikkonen say that they try to keep the locker room time to a minimum and not, for example, to stay in the hall in the shower. Photo: Tatu Lertola

In Tampere, the situation has worsened.

Pirkanmaa has tightened regulations and recommendations so that the area does not enter the spread phase.

The regulations flutter the exercise hobbies of people over the age of 20 indoors.

The hobby activities of the team and contact sports are going on a three-week break.

- I rode on the judo side myself.

We have basic adult courses for a break and applied judo, because they are at risk, Anna-Maria Maunu, Tampere's Director of Communications, piles up.

Tappara's games continue normally.

The three-week break does not apply to national team, Finnish Championship or First Division level training or competition.

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Face masks are to be used more widely.

Pirkanmaa's corona fist recommends that employees wear face masks in kindergartens and primary schools.

Masks are also recommended by the coron fist for shops and malls.

Private events should have a maximum of ten people at a time.

OULU: –The mask must be on everywhere, communications director Mikko Salmi summarizes the situation in Oulu.

Valkea shopping center customers on Tuesday. Photo: Ville Honkonen

Oulu and Northern Ostrobothnia have moved from the baseline to the accelerating stage of the epidemic.

The area enhances protection against the corona.

- The mask must be on everywhere, Oulu Communications Director Mikko Salmi summarizes.

The corona fist in the area recommends that face masks be used indoors in all workplaces.

In addition to public spaces, masks come from secondary schools.

There will be a maximum limit of ten people for private events.

People are encouraged to switch to telecommuting and teleconferencing.

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OULU: Raksila swimming pool was paddled normally at least on Tuesday. Photo: Ville Honkonen

Vaasa enjoys a situation where the worst phase of the corona has been defeated and restrictions can be relaxed.

After starting her studies in the autumn, Korona raged to spread.

Closure operations were launched.

Vaasa became a ghost town.

All the seats were closed for a week.

Only shops and pharmacies were allowed to be open, as were limited cafes and restaurants.

- Hit hard and properly.

Two weeks later, the results began to show, the city's chief physician Heikki Kaukoranta times.

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Now swimming pools, libraries, schools and all municipal facilities are open.

High school teaching continues as contact teaching.

Only the university and the polytechnic operate partly in distance learning.

- In high school and high schools, grades 7-9 are recommended for the use of masks.

A large proportion of students use them.

In addition, we have a general face mask recommendation for the end of the year.

Theaters and restaurants use half of the customer seats.

- Similarly, half of the places in the ice rink are sold, for example, for Sport's home match.