Munich (dpa) - Motorists still refuel relatively cheaply, but the ADAC expects a sharp jump in fuel prices at the turn of the year.

The current rise in oil prices, however, has not yet hit the pump, as shown by figures from the traffic club on Wednesday.

Accordingly, a liter of Super E10 on Tuesday cost a nationwide daily average of 1.204 euros.

That is 0.7 cents less than a week earlier.

Diesel rose minimally by 0.1 cents to 1.063 euros.

This means that both fuels are still significantly cheaper than before the start of the Corona crisis.

But prices could rise in the near future: The oil price reached its highest level since March on Wednesday.

In addition, at the turn of the year two effects will drive up the fuel price, as an ADAC spokesman says: Firstly, the CO2 price of 25 euros per ton, which will make diesel around 8 cents and Super E10 around 7 cents more expensive.

On the other hand, the VAT cut ends.

Due to these two effects, the ADAC is assuming an increase of 10 to 11 cents per liter in fuel.


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