In the hockey match of juniors under the age of 15 played in Järvenpää on Sunday between Järvenpää KJT Haukko and Nurmijärvi Kurra, moments of horror were experienced.

In the middle, as a result of a collision near the edge, the away team, the Kurran player, flew dangerously head over and left lying on the ice.

The player lost consciousness, and the ambulance staff who arrived on the scene interpreted the situation as so serious that a medical helicopter was alerted to the scene.

The player who received the concussion was transported from the ice rink to Helsinki Hospital for further examination.

On Monday morning, Kurran U15 team head coach Toni Lindevall had some reassuring news to tell.

- That boy has already gotten out of the hospital and is at home.

All limbs work normally, Lindevall told Ilta-Sanomat.

The case, which looked awful, involved a lot of misfortune.

The Kurra player skated with the puck from below his own blue line diagonally to the left towards the edge and hit the puck at the opponent's end after the red line.

Just as the puck came off the player's stage, his opponent hit him from the right side.

The Kurra player flew about two feet to the side of the neck in front.

As is well known, the size differences between 14 and 15-year-olds can be considerable.

In this case, the size difference played a big role in what happened.

- The difference in the size of the players was considerable.

It was just a game situation, and certainly not an intentional act, Lindevall saw.

- Now I guess there's luck on the way.

Yes, this must be a relief.

The situation could have been worse and permanent injuries, Lindevall continued.

The referee had no doubts and he gave a penalty in favor of.

One player from both teams, on the other hand, was sentenced to a 2 + 10 minute cold from a tackle on the head or neck area during the match.

A nasty episode happened at the end of the second set of the match.

What was special about the case was that although the teams did not have accurate information about the status of the player being hospitalized, the match was played until the end.

- The referees said that they tried to interrupt the match, and we would have been happy to postpone the end of the match for later play.

But then the referees said that according to the rules, the match could not be suspended, Lindevall says.

The coach estimated that the match was suspended for about 20 minutes.

During that time, the teams were in the locker room.

Especially in the away team’s locker room, the situation was naturally confusing.

- Of course, the teammates were really worried about the injured guy.

Emotions were on the surface, and yes it was hot.

However, we got reassured and gathered ourselves and played the match well until the end, Lindevall says.

- When it became known that the match would continue, we pointed out to the team that we would not retaliate.

We have always emphasized that respecting an opponent is the most important thing on the ice, Lindevall says, stressing that he does not blame the player of KJT Haukko for his lack of respect for the opponent.

The Kurra team lived in uncertainty until Sunday night, until they received positive news about the injured player’s condition.

- It was a facilitating fact that there was nothing more serious.

The situation looked really bad, and I had time to fear the worst.

Fortunately, relatively little was cleared, Lindevall said.

The away team Kurra won the U15 AA series with 5-4 goals.