Party prominent of Forum for Democracy (FVD), Annebel Nanninga, hit hard on party member Thierry Baudet on Tuesday evening.

In a letter submitted to

The Post Online

, she demands that Baudet, who stepped down on Monday as chairman and list leader of FVD, no longer appear on the electoral list for the elections in March next year.

Baudet announced on Monday that he wants to remain involved with FVD and would like to be a list pusher in the elections.

FVD was discredited last weekend by anti-Semitic statements by members of the youth organization JFVD.

A large group of senators and party members then urged the departure of JFVD chairman Freek Jansen.

Baudet then decided to make his position of party leader available.

Jansen, who is considered a confidant of Baudet, gave up his place as a candidate Member of Parliament.

Nanninga doesn't understand Baudet's decision.

"So now we had a weekend behind us in which after three days of meetings about the question 'what shall we do about neo-Nazis' the answer was: actually nothing at all," writes the politician.

"A weekend in which the party leader would rather flicker the whole party in the fireplace than simply proceed to fumigation, dismiss and expel the wrong elements."


Thierry Baudet: 'I'm not done with politics'

'Media does not always flirt with conspiracy theories'

"If there is a culture of

trial by media

, or if things would actually have happened that are unacceptable, I want to take political responsibility," Baudet said Monday.

He also returned to this on Tuesday.

That Baudet blames the media, Nanninga calls "insane murmuring".

The media does not always flirt with conspiracy theories and types of questionable alloi.

The media does not keep a rotten youth administration in power.

The media does not destroy an entire batch in a weekend because they do not want to admit their mistake and correct it.

Only one person does that within FVD, and that is party leader Baudet. "

This weekend, Nanninga already criticized the reaction of Baudet and the youth branch after the reports about anti-Semitism within the JFVD.

In the piece she notes that Baudet called her and other critics within the party "screaming" and said: "I am the party".