Melania Trump, the first woman in the United States, appeared to have changed on Monday.

Mrs. Trump stopped to look at the White House from this year’s massive December while revealing her new, lighter hair.

Mrs. Trump posed in a good mood in front of the horse-drawn carriages. Photo: HANNAH MCKAY

Melania Trump, formerly known as brown-haired, had dyed her long hair blonde and left their base dark.

Melania Trump's long hair is much lighter today.Photo: HANNAH MCKAY

Back in October, Melania Trump's hair was considerably darker. Photo: Andrew Caballero-Reynolds

The first woman posed in front of the White House with horse-drawn carriages and a Christmas tree, smiled in a good mood and blinked at the media present.

She was wearing the occasion luxury brand Balenciaga jacket, black leather gloves and high heels.

Trump was wearing a loose jacket from Balneciaga. Photo: Michael Brochstein

Melania Trump hasn’t been the only one to switch to a lighter look, as President Donald Trump’s Hairstyle also underwent a change earlier in November when she appeared in public with much lighter hair.

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According to Hollywood Life, Mrs. Trump, who glowed in her new style, studied the December erection at the White House very closely on Monday.

The magazine points out that the first woman seemed very happy considering she was believed to hate White House Christmas decorations.

Photo: Nicholas Kamm

Choosing Christmas decorations for the White House is traditionally the job of the first woman.

However, Ms Trump has not seemed very enthusiastic about her mission, according to American media, as a recording was released to the public a year earlier this fall in which she complains about it to her former friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff.

According to USA Today, in a conversation secretly recorded by Winston Wolkoff in 2018, Melania Trump announces that she is not interested in a single piece of the decoration.

- I'm working hard for Christmas, who is interested in vi *** Akaa Christmas stuff and decorations, but I have to do it, right, Trump said in the recording.

- And then I take care of it and say I work for Christmas and plan Christmas.

And they say, "What about those children who are separated from their parents?"

Let vi *** be, he continued.

In the future, Melania Trump will not have to bother the White House at Christmas, as her time in Washington is coming to an end.

When Joe Biden swears his oath of office in January, the Trumpets have a new life ahead of them.

So far, it’s still unclear what the former first woman is going to do next year.

The wildest rumors suggest Melania Trump might even divorce her husband, but more moderate estimates suggest she could return to Trump Tower in New York or move to the heat of Florida.

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