• Covid-19 in Europe: fewer infections in France, Germany is thinking of 5 months of restrictions

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    Castex: rules unchanged, no reopening of shops


November 24, 2020 French President Emmanuel Macron will address the nation this evening at 8 pm during which he should announce a lightening of containment measures in an anti-Covid function in France, in view of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays.

Macron meets in the morning a health "defense council" to finalize the decisions that he will announce in a speech broadcast on local television in the evening.

According to initial information released by the French press, the easing of restrictive measures in France will take place in three phases: around 1 December, then before the Christmas holidays and finally at the beginning of 2021.

Macron is convinced that, at this stage of the pandemic , it is not only necessary to maintain the balance between health security on the one hand and the survival of the economy on the other.

It is also a question of giving a horizon to an exhausted country, exhausted by this second lockdown, convinced that the worst is yet to come, with serious economic and social consequences in the coming months.

According to a source cited by Le Figaro, this gradual easing of measures should make it possible to build "a bridge of protection until the great vaccination campaigns can begin".

Clearly "all of this is still within a good semester", summarized the source.

For the moment, according to what has been learned, only businesses designated as "non-essential", such as bookstores or clothing stores, are set to reopen on 1 December.

The same goes for places of worship and sports clubs (only for minors), with reinforced health protocols.

As for cinemas, theaters and museums, they should be able to resume almost normal activity, but they remain linked to the possibility of instituting a curfew.

On the other hand, cafes, bars and restaurants should remain closed for a few weeks, which will almost certainly not be included in the authorized openings at the beginning of next month.