It was in mid-March that the ship called at the port of Uddevalla from its departure in Colombia.

Both the Swedish Customs and the Coast Guard had the ship under surveillance, after only a few months earlier finding cocaine in the cargo of a completely different ship.

A couple of days later, three people sneaked on board the ship.

They went straight to the cargo hold where they dug out three bags that contained just over 61 kilos of cocaine.

But on the way out of the harbor, the Coast Guard struck and arrested the men, who were later charged with extremely serious drug smuggling and extremely serious drug offenses.

The evidence for the prosecutor was extremely good, one of the men carried a body camera that filmed the entire process.

Sentenced to prison

The men are now sentenced to eight years in prison for extremely serious drug smuggling.

Uddevalla District Court believes that everything indicates that the men planned everything together and that the criminal plan was known in advance.

The district court also writes that there is no doubt that the men were involved in organized crime of an international nature.

Two of the men said that they lived under threat and thus were forced to pick up the cocaine in Uddevalla harbor, but this is an explanation that the district court does not give much for.

"It is clear that there has been plenty of time for them to contact the police in Sweden if they have felt threatened.

Despite this, they have not contacted the police.

There is nothing in the rest of the investigation of their activities that indicates that they would have felt threatened in the way they have claimed.

On the contrary, the investigation indicates that they participated in the crime for their own gain. "

one writes.

The explanation to the camera

When the Coast Guard counted the men, they could quickly see that everything had been filmed.

One of the men was carrying a body camera documenting how they moved into the harbor and onto the ship.

- If I have to logically explain it, everything was filmed so that there would be no misunderstandings about the bags, said one of the men in Uddevalla District Court.

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Here the cocaine smugglers are arrested in Uddevalla Photo: Customs