Bitcoin jumps back above $ 19,000, first for three years

Bitcoin climbs back above $ 19,000 and this is a first for three years.


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Bitcoin is therefore approaching its historic level reached in 2017: it goes back above $ 19,000 and this is a first for three years.

From now on, private investors but also investment funds and even large banks are interested in cryptocurrencies.


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After having flirted with the symbolic mark of 20,000 dollars three years ago, it is difficult for bitcoin to do better.

And yet, the most famous cryptocurrency in the world seems to be on the move again to beat its record.

Provided that the upward trend is confirmed in the coming days.

Created by anonymous people as a decentralized means of payment, bitcoin is of increasing interest to institutional investors who see it as a long-term investment.

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But the popularity of the first cryptocurrency also makes it highly volatile.

Hence the spectacular surges and equally vertiginous tumbles that bitcoin has experienced in the past.

This year, the takeoff kicked off on October 21, when online payments giant Paypal announced it would launch a cryptocurrency buy, sell and pay service.

Since then, the value of bitcoin has increased by 60%. 


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