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Thierry Baudet is no longer chairman of the Forum for Democracy, a spokesman for the party reported on Tuesday.

Vice-chairman Lennart van der Linden will take over the chair for the time being.

Baudet's confidant and candidate Member of Parliament Freek Jansen also makes his place available.

Joost Eerdmans, number four on the electoral list, wants to become party leader.

Baudet resigned his chairmanship of the party board on Tuesday.

"In the coming period, we will work on a good and careful transition", FVD reports.

The politician announced on Monday that he would withdraw as party leader, but would remain in the House of Representatives until the elections in March.

He said he would remain involved with FVD and would like to be a list pusher.

The vacancy of party leader will be opened soon.

The candidate list for the upcoming ballot box will also be reviewed.

Joost Eerdmans has informed the


that he is interested in the party leader.

Eerdmans is the leader of the regional party Liveable Rotterdam, but is currently also in fourth place on the FVD electoral list.

The two sides previously worked together in the run-up to the 2018 municipal elections.

Baudet resigns due to fuss JFVD

Baudet resigns because party members continued to press for the departure of his confidant and candidate MP Freek Jansen.

This happened after the youth branch JFVD, of which Jansen is chairman, was discredited for anti-Semitic statements in WhatsApp groups.

The party has temporarily distanced itself from the youth section.

"If a culture of

trial by media is emerging

, or if things have actually happened that are unacceptable, I want to take political responsibility," Baudet said in a video in which he announced his decision.

In addition, he said that he wanted to remain involved with FVD and that he wanted to be on the list of pushers to support the party.


Thierry Baudet: 'I am canceling my place on the electoral list'