The bargain season will start soon - and for fans of Apple too.

Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Black Week ensure significantly reduced prices on many popular products.

This also includes technology from the company from Cupertino every year.

Here you can find out which deals are interesting even before the start of Black Friday and which prices you should use as a guide when hunting for a good offer.

Prepared in this way, you can grab lightning offers quickly, without making bad purchases or falling for supposed record discounts.

When it comes to the latter, sellers often give the manufacturer's recommended retail price, which could have long been out of date.

The offers shown here refer to the currently low prices on Amazon or to information from the price search engine idealo.de, which can be used to find the best deals on the net.

Black Friday AirPods: Already available at an affordable price

And it shows: There is already a good AirPods offer.

So waiting for Black Friday may not be necessary at all.

While the AirPods Pro * are available from Apple for 272 euros, they are available on Amazon for just under 195 euros.


Buy Apple AirPods Pro online now

Order from Amazon


And AirPods with a wired charging case * are available for 127 euros instead of 174.

Black Friday iPad: Choose according to your own needs

You could also save a lot with the iPad on Black Friday - but here you should definitely keep an eye on the various models as well as their memory and WiFi or SIM function in order to compare prices correctly.

The iPad Pro with 11-inch display * is available from Apple from 857 euros.

According to idealo.de, some shops are currently going down to 807 euros.

The iPad Pro with 12.9-inch display *, on the other hand, costs at least 1,072 euros from Apple - but it is available from other online providers for 988 euros.

Other current iPad models:


● Eighth generation iPad * - from Apple from 370 euros, from 333 euros via price search engine

● Latest iPad Air * - from 633 euros from Apple, from 614 euros via price search engine

● iPad mini * - from 438 euros from Apple, from 398 euros from Amazon


Tip: If you buy Apple Pencil * and iPad together on Black Friday, you may be able to save even more.

If you just want to get hold of a cheap Apple Pencil * for an existing device, you should make sure that it is compatible with the iPad (1st or 2nd generation).

Black Friday iPhone: watch older vintages

Many Apple fans will probably wait in vain for big discounts for the new iPhone 12 * and iPhone 12 Pro * models.

But you can certainly save on older, but still powerful smartphones.

● iPhone 11 * - now available for less than 600 euros

● iPhone 11 Pro * - currently available from 806 euros

● iPhone 11 Pro Max * - available from 929 euros

● iPhone SE 2020 * - available from 399 euros

Black Friday MacBook: Bargain with a discount is possible


If you want to get a bargain with the MacBook, you should keep an eye on the following models:

● MacBook Air * - from 1,169 euros at Apple and currently for 993 euros at Amazon

● MacBook Pro with 13 inches * - from 1,461 euros at Apple, currently from 1,291 euros via price search engine

● MacBook Pro with 16 inches * - from € 2,631 at Apple, currently for € 2,287 at Amazon

Black Friday: Buy HomePod

The new HomePod mini will be available from November 16 - but at just under 97 euros the small, multifunctional speaker is already quite affordable.

On the other hand, discounts are to be expected for the HomePod, which currently costs around 320 euros at Apple.

In price search engines, however, you can find it for 292 euros.

A further price reduction cannot be ruled out in the course of Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and Black Week.

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