Group BTS and BTS are nominated for the Grammy Awards, the most prestigious music award in the United States, writing a new history of K-pop.

BTS competes for awards with international singers like Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga.

Reporter Han Se-hyun reports.

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American Recording Academy, which hosts the Grammy Awards, announced BTS''Dynamite' as a nominee for the'Best Pop Duo Group Performance' category at the 63rd Grammy Awards held on January 31 next year.

With this, BTS became the first Korean singer to be nominated for the three major music awards in the United States.

There have been times when Korean classical music or Korean classical music officials were nominated or won, but this is the first time a Korean popular singer has been nominated.

Global singers such as Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga were nominated for this category and competed with BTS.

Shortly after the announcement of the candidate, BST posted a post on Twitter saying, "Thank you for listening to and empathizing with our music during the difficult times."

He also added, "It's all ARMYs who have made the miracle of being a'Grammy Nominee Artist'."

[RM/BTS: When we were trainees, we prepared something and left the biggest footprint for us during the growth period we dreamed of, and as we look for videos at every Grammy (award ceremony), we seem to dream like this vaguely now. ]

BTS won the award at the'Billboard Music Awards' for 4 consecutive years earlier, and also won two crowns at the'American Music Awards' held yesterday (23rd).

If you receive an award at this Grammy Awards, you will achieve the so-called'Grand Slam'.

Girl group Black Pink was also mentioned as a nominee for the Rookie Award, but it was not possible to list her name.