Pictured is a naked white woman posing in a Venus-like position against a black background.

The woman covers her breasts with one arm and the other hand is lowered over the pubic area.

- This picture is one of the oldest pictures that IG always deletes and restores and deletes again and again, says fat activist Tytti Shemeikka.

The image does not violate Instagram's Community Guidelines in any way.

The dreaded (female) nipples are hidden under Shemeika’s arm, and the pubic area is covered.

However, according to Instagram, it violates Community rules.

According to Shemeika, the image falls into the clutches of censorship because it contains a body that does not sit in the norm of appearance prevailing in society.

- In my opinion, the deletion of my own pictures is due to the anti-fatness of Instagram.

Bikini pictures have also been removed and are not in any way against the rules.

Tytti Shemeikka has been doing fat activism since 2018.

His Abdominal Demonstration Youtube channel has over 10,000 followers.

All the pictures of Tytti Shemeika in the story are ones that Instagram has deleted once or more, citing nudity that violates community rules.

Images are arbitrarily deleted around the world

Last month, Instagram also removed an underdeveloped image of Australian comedian Celeste Barber, citing community rules, the Australian newspaper Perth now reported.

Barber has become known for his images in which he parodies various images of celebrities.

Barber has 7.4 million followers on Instagram.

In the picture, Barber poses in a similar position to former Victoria´s Secret lingerie model Candice Swanepoel.

In both images, the women cover their breasts with their left hand, and their upper bodies are covered in a half-open shirt.

Some giant blocked Barber's picture, but not Swanepoele's picture.

- Hi, Instagram, please update your rules on different bodies.

We live in 2020, commented Barber on the disappearance of the image.

Instagram returned the picture later and apologized to Barber for what had happened.

A campaign that changed Instagram's breast rule

The shirtless image published by English model Nyome Nicholas-Williams in the summer was also removed.

In the picture, his hands are crossed over his breasts.

- Instagram publishes millions of pictures of naked slender white women every day, but a big black woman who wants to celebrate her own body is banned, she commented on The Guardian.

Nicholas-Williams decided to counterattack.

He hosted the # iwanttoseenyome some campaign and wrote an open letter to the CEO of Instagram.

As a result of the campaign, Instagram tended to change its rules at the end of October.

According to The Guardian, the media giant denied racist allegations, but acknowledged that the platform’s stricter rules on breast covering had led to the removal of Nicholas-Williams ’image.

Under the new rules, Instagram will allow the publication of images in which the breasts are covered with arms or hands.

However, the shape of the breasts must not change with the weight or compression of the hands.

In this case, the image is against the rules.

Shemeika believes that similar activism would be needed more widely and more.

He is great that the rules have changed even a little.

This gives the feeling that it is not just a faceless some who makes arbitrary decisions over which no one can influence.

- Instagram should be more transparent in how it works and what kind of practices it has, Shemeikka says.

An American conception of what is appropriate and what is not

Instagram is used by about a billion people around the world.

To keep content in compliance with community rules and laws, the platform uses both machine moderation and people to moderate the images.

Content control is done all over the world.

Users can also make reports when they come across content that they think is inappropriate.

- Because the social media platforms are US-owned, American perceptions of what is appropriate and what is not reflected in moderation, says Salla-Maaria Laaksonen, PhD in Communication and Technology at the University of Helsinki.

Laaksonen says that Instagram or Facebook have not spoken on their own initiative on how the publications are handled in practice.

Laaksonen thinks that if an image receives a lot of information from users, the image or writing may be deleted without checking.

This may be because the number of moderators relative to users is far too small.

American subcontractors are also unable to evaluate publications in Finnish, for example.

- This leads to the fact that, for example, something like a woman's nipple, which is easily identified from the image, is more easily removed, but some forms of hate speech are allowed to flourish, especially in smaller languages.

What does Laaksonen think of the Nicholas-Williams campaign and the change it brings?

- This probably shows the general situation in the world, such as the Black Lives Matter.

Even platforms want to take social responsibility or at least get to say that they work better.

"The same rules must apply to everyone"

Once Shemeika’s pictures have been removed from her account, she has always been connected to Instagram.

In general, Shemeikka has also republished the image in the stories and asked his followers for their opinion on whether the image violated community rules.

Almost always the answer has been: do not break.

- If Instagram is not restored image, I have been posting it again, however, Shemeikka says.

Shemeikka hopes that Instagram will be moderated by as many people as possible.

- If the pictures are always checked by someone of a certain age or look, then they probably have a certain idea of ​​what is ok.

Shemeika's account has been threatened with deletion several times, but so far this has not happened.

Instagram has issued numerous warnings that his account is in violation of our Community Guidelines.

In his view, Instagram should take a critical look at its own operations and clarify its rules for its employees.

- Everyone must have the same rules and all kinds of bodies need to be seen.

An obese body is not automatically lewd or sexually toned.

That kind of thinking definitely needs to change at the end of Instagram.