The youth home of Kula Rosberg, the first Finnish world champion of Formula One, located in Iisalmi, has been sold for many years.

Now Villa Rosberg is available at a much cheaper price than before.

According to Savon Sanomat, in 2016 EUR 359,000 was requested from the Rosberg House.

The price of a large detached house is now stated in the sale announcement on the Etuovi website at 159,000 euros.

The living room of the 192-square-meter detached house is decorated with an open fireplace. Photo: Marjo Tossavainen

The deal has thus been slow for a historic house built in 1963, and the real estate company has already had to change several times during the process.

Marjut Tienpää, Sales Manager of Open Market LKV, who is now responsible for selling the house, tells Ilta-Sanomat that the current price estimate is affected by both the age of the house and Iisalmi's quiet market area.

- Given the current market situation and the age of the house, the price is now this one at the moment.

The market situation in the Iisalmi area is such that prices have come down sharply.

If deals are to be made, then it must be taken into account in pricing, says Tienpää.

According to the sale announcement, the four-room Villa Rosberg, located near the shore of Porovesi, has a living area of ​​192 square meters and a total area of ​​245 square meters.

The total plot of land for sale has a size of 1997 square meters.

Villa Rosberg is located near Porovesi beach, in the center of Iisalmi.Photo: Marjo Tossavainen

The apartment has a sauna heated by an electric heater, and the spacious living room has an open fireplace.

The layout is decorated with a covered terrace area, and there is a 30 square meter storage building in the courtyard.

A sales announcement with a new price request was opened last Sunday.

At a price of EUR 159,000, Villa Rosberg has immediately had plenty of demand.

- There has been a lot of interest now.

This is our most interesting destination at the moment, and there have been a lot of screens, Tienpää states.

Villa Rosberg was built in the early 1960s by Keke Rosberg's father, veterinarian Lars Rosberg.

Lars kept a small animal clinic and a reception in connection with the house.

Tienpää does not disclose the current owner of the villa.

Photo: Marjo Tossavainen

According to Savon Sanomat, Keke Rosberg enrolled as a student at Iisalmi Lyceum in 1967. The Rosberg family left Iisalmi's apartment in the late 1970s, but before that Keke's road had already taken him far to the world.

Rosberg’s F1 career, which began in 1978, culminated in the 1982 World Championships at the wheel of Williams.

After winning the World Cup, Rosberg settled in Monaco.

Today, the family already has two Formula One world champions: in 2016, it was Keken’s son Nico Rosberg’s turn to celebrate the championship.

Photo: Roy Letkey / REUTERS