China News Service, November 23. According to the website of the State Administration of Radio and Television, the State Administration of Radio and Television recently issued the "Notice on Strengthening the Management of Online Show Live and E-commerce Live Broadcast" (hereinafter referred to as the "Notice").

The "Notice" made it clear that the online show live platform should implement real-name management for network anchors and "rewarding" users.

Users who have not registered with the real-name system cannot give rewards, and under-age users cannot give rewards.

  According to the "Notice", in recent years, a large number of online show live broadcasts and e-commerce live broadcasts have emerged, becoming a very active phenomenon in the Internet economy and an issue that requires attention in the construction and management of online audiovisual programs.

In order to strengthen the guidance and norms of online show live broadcasts and e-commerce live broadcasts, strengthen guidance and value guidance, create a healthy industry ecology, and prevent the spread of vulgar, vulgar and kitsch and other bad habits, the relevant requirements are hereby notified as follows:

  First, the online show live platform and e-commerce live broadcast platform should adhere to the right direction of giving priority to social benefits, actively spread positive energy, show the truth, goodness, and beauty, and strive to create a healthy spiritual interest, and promote a clear and clear online audio-visual space.

It is necessary to actively research and promote the innovation of the content and form of online audio-visual program live broadcast services, and according to the characteristics of the audience and age stratification, broadcast live broadcast programs with positive values ​​such as the pursuit of labor creation, the display of beneficial talents, and healthy life.

Value-oriented to create premium live room sections or clusters, so that tasteful, meaningful, interesting, and warm live broadcasts can occupy a good position and get good traffic.

It is necessary to take effective measures not to provide unlawful and unethical artists with public appearances and voice opportunities, and to prevent the spread of bad habits such as showing off their wealth and worshiping money and vulgar kitsch in the live broadcast field, impacting the core socialist values ​​and polluting the online audio-visual ecology.

  The second is to establish a live broadcast of online show or e-commerce live broadcast platform to effectively implement the main responsibility, focus on improving the management system, responsibility system, content security system, and personnel equipment of the network live broadcast business, and actively participate in the construction of styles and industry self-discipline. Jointly promote the standardized, orderly and healthy development of online show live broadcasts and e-commerce live broadcasts.

The above-mentioned platforms shall register and record the information of the establishment entities and business development in the "National Network Audiovisual Platform Information Management System" before November 30, 2020 (login address is

  The third is to implement the principle of synchronizing management and construction in the establishment of online show live broadcasts or e-commerce live broadcast platforms, and accurately implement the requirements of matching platform management capabilities with the ability to run live broadcast rooms to a few people.

At this stage, the overall ratio of the number of first-line auditors on relevant platforms to the number of online live broadcast rooms shall not be less than 1:50. The training of auditors shall be increased, and the auditors who have passed the training shall be included in the “auditor information management system” Register.

Encourage capable platforms to adopt requirements that are better than the overall ratio to strengthen audit capacity building, and to adapt to changes in online public opinion to dynamically adjust and strengthen the monitoring and auditing power of live broadcast rooms and anchors.

The platform shall report the number of live broadcast rooms, the number of anchors and the number of auditors to the provincial radio and television authorities every quarter.

For celebrities in society and overseas personnel to open live broadcast rooms, the platform should report to the radio and television authorities in advance.

  Fourth, the online show live platform should implement label classification management of the program content and corresponding anchors in the live broadcast room, and classify them according to "music", "dance", "singing", "fitness", "games", "tourism", "food", and "life services". Label.

According to the characteristics of live show programs with different content, we will study and adopt targeted management measures to help the good and punish the bad.

Each show room must be marked with the program category and room number on the live page.

The anchor change of the program category in the live room must be reviewed by the website, and it cannot be changed without authorization.

  Fifth, the online show live platform must establish a business rating file for the live broadcast room and the anchor, refine the program quality rating and violation rating level, and link the rating to the recommendation and promotion.

To do a good job in the anchors, especially the head anchors, policies, laws, regulations and related knowledge training.

For live broadcast rooms and anchors that have repeatedly encountered problems, measures such as stopping recommendation, limiting the duration, sorting to the bottom, and rectification within a time limit should be taken.

If the problem is serious in nature and has not been corrected after repeated instruction, the live broadcast room will be closed, the relevant anchor will be blacklisted and reported to the radio and television authority, and it is not allowed to change the "vest" or change the platform to start broadcasting again.

  Sixth, the online show live platform should implement real-name management for network anchors and "rewarding" users.

Users who have not registered with the real-name system cannot give rewards, and under-age users cannot give rewards.

Measures such as real-name verification, face recognition, and manual review shall be adopted to ensure that the real-name system requirements are implemented and the reward function of underage users is blocked.

The platform shall limit the user's maximum reward amount each time, daily and monthly.

When the user’s daily or monthly cumulative "reward" reaches half of the limit, the platform should provide a consumption reminder. After confirmation by SMS verification and other methods, the next consumption can be carried out. The daily or monthly "reward" limit should be reached. Suspend the "reward" function for related users.

  The platform should set a delay for the "reward" to reach the account period. If the anchor violates the law, the platform should return the "reward" to the user.

The platform must not adopt operating strategies that encourage users to irrationally "reward".

It is discovered that relevant anchors and their brokerage agents imply, entice or encourage users to "reward" large amounts by spreading vulgar content, organized hype, and hiring naval forces to brush gifts, or induce underage users to "reward" with false identity information ", the platform must deal with the anchor and its brokerage agent, put it on the watch list, and report in writing to the radio and television authority.

  Seventh, online e-commerce live broadcast platforms must strictly follow the relevant regulations for online audio-visual program service management to carry out audio-visual content services, and must not illegally produce or broadcast commentary and other audio-visual programs that are not related to the sale of goods beyond the scope of e-commerce.

To organize e-commerce festivals, e-commerce days, promotion days and other theme e-commerce activities in the form of live broadcast rooms, live performances, live variety shows and other live programs, the activities shall be held 14 working days in advance in accordance with the relevant regulations on the management of online audiovisual program live broadcast services Information on guests, anchors, content, settings, etc. shall be reported to the competent radio and television authorities for the record.

Encourage online e-commerce live broadcast platforms to help economic development, improvement of people's livelihood, poverty alleviation, industrial upgrading, and supply-demand connection by organizing theme e-commerce activities.

  Eighth, the online e-commerce live broadcast platform shall conduct relevant qualification review and real-name certification for merchants and individuals that open live broadcasts to carry goods, and keep complete review and certification records. It is not allowed to open live broadcasts for merchants or individuals who are unqualified, without real names, or registered under false names. service.

The platform must periodically review the authenticity of relevant information, and promptly correct any problems found.

It is necessary to focus on management of the head live room, head host and account number, and high-traffic or high-transaction live delivery activities, and strengthen compliance checks.

It is necessary to explore the establishment of a real-time dynamic management mechanism of scientific classification and grading, set up rewards, punishments and withdrawals, improve the ability to identify and combat data fraud, and play an active role in maintaining the integrity of the market environment.

  Ninth, the platform for the establishment of online show live broadcasts and e-commerce live broadcasts should actively explore the use of new technologies such as big data and artificial intelligence to serve the encouraged and advocated live broadcasts, let algorithms support the push of high-quality audio-visual content, and achieve accurate warning and Block in time.

For live broadcast rooms with high click volume, false high volume, large "reward" amounts, and business categories that are prone to problems, a key monitoring and review mechanism combining man and machine should be established to track program dynamics, analyze public opinions and reasons, and take timely measures , To prevent guiding deviations and problems.

  The "Notice" requires that radio and television authorities at all levels organize the registration and filing of platforms that carry out show live broadcasts and e-commerce live broadcast services in their jurisdictions, and comprehensively sort out the show live broadcasts and e-commerce live broadcast services that have been carried out in accordance with the requirements of this notice. And analyze and judge.

Clean up and rectify the live content that does not meet the requirements in the preliminary screening; supervise the relevant platforms to establish the classification and classification management and review system of live content as required, and improve the management mechanism of the structure reporting and reward control of the number of live broadcast rooms, anchors and auditors; For platforms that do not meet the conditions and capabilities for launching live broadcast services as a whole, relevant departments shall be notified to organize joint closure of their live broadcast services.

  This special work will be carried out intensively from now until the end of the year. The registration and verification status and the effectiveness of standardized governance will be summarized and reported before November 30, and important situations will be reported at any time.