The new restrictions from the government that came into force last weekend mean that all alcohol sales will be stopped at 10 pm and the restaurants will close at 10.30 pm.

Lovisa Bjenning was out checking restaurants and restaurants last Friday between 20.00 and 22.50.

- It felt like it was a pretty big difference from previous evenings, she says.

Required sharpening

At a press conference almost two weeks ago, Jönköping Municipality's head of environmental and health protection, Håkan Strid, said that the restaurants followed the coronary restrictions worse in the autumn than last summer, at the same time as the spread of infection increased.

Then four of the seven nightclubs had shortcomings and Håkan Strid raised a warning finger that the industry must sharpen.

Then came further tightening of the regulations.

In the clip, you hear Lovisa Bjenning talk about how the historic tightening of the regulations for the restaurant and restaurant industry has been followed so far.