The former director of the Technical Cabinet of the Secretary of State for the Interior, Colonel

Diego Pérez de los Cobos

, has assured the judge that he never saw the reference to

Operation Kitchen

in the reserved funds that his department authorized.

Pérez de los Cobos,

who appears as a witness before Examining Court number 6 of the National High Court, has explained from a technical point of view the operation of the operation to dispose of these reserved expenses and has added that not only did he not see never any written reference to the espionage operation to the former treasurer of the PP

Luis Bárcenas,

but neither did he have knowledge of the identity of the recipients of the money.

For what has affected that he did not know to which confidants the money that came out of the Secretary of State for the Interior was granted during the Government of

Mariano Rajoy


It should be remembered that the judicial investigation of the so



Operation Kitchen

has already credited the payment of funds reserved to the former driver of Bárcenas,

Sergio Ríos

, in exchange for him stealing sensitive information that the former treasurer was guarding against the PP.

Within the framework of this operation, Ríos received about 2,000 euros a month and the police officers who participated helped him get a position in the National Police.

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