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The Minister of Health of the

Community of Madrid

, Enrique Ruiz Escudero, said this Monday that they are evaluating the possibility of establishing

"exceptions" to the limitations

on the maximum number of people in

family gatherings and the curfew




In an interview on


collected by Europa Press, Escudero pointed out that the General Directorate of Public Health is working on a

strategy for Christmas

"not only thinking about the

mobility of Madrilenians

who have to go abroad or who come" to the Community, because "You also have to think about other types of


that always surround Christmas."

Thus, it has underlined the importance of seeing

how the elderly who are in residences can go home


"We are thinking about both entry and exit protocols," he said.

Likewise, it is being seen how the


who are doing the race in Madrid

can return home



We are evaluating all the scenarios

and above all, let's be realistic, there are two issues that are of particular concern," said Escudero, alluding to the limitation of family gatherings to six people and the curfew.

Regarding the limitation of the number of people who can meet both in public and private spaces, he pointed out that

what worries them most are the encounters in "the family environment"

, since it is where there are "more difficulties to have that control ".

"These are the two important points and there we are working on, as long as it follows the downward trend and the number of cases, both in infections and at the healthcare level, continues to decline, as we are evaluating whether we would establish any type of exceptions, always

with all the prudence and with all the



, for those dates, because I believe that it is important and above all after all that we have lived, it should be done ", he continued.

Likewise, it has been set as a goal for December to stay around or

below 200 cases per 100,000 inhabitants

at 14 days, when today it is estimated that the rate is approximately 274 cases, while at 7 days it is It stands at 127, which means, as indicated, that the trend continues to be downward.

Interviewed in Onda Madrid, Escudero has pointed out that there are three weeks left, understanding the beginning of this period on December 15, although he has indicated that

"the plan will probably be announced a week before



In any case, he stressed that "it will be

highly conditioned on how the epidemiological and healthcare situation is

" when the time comes, and has insisted on the need to go "game by game."

The closing of the bridge, "last great measure"

For his part, the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, said this Monday that the regional government hopes that the closing of the December long weekend will be

the "last great measure we adopt before Christmas"

, and that from the day December 14 restrictions can already be partially lifted to have

a "reasonable" Christmas


"That does not mean that everything is worth at Christmas, no, but I do believe that after a job well done by everyone, also the citizens,

I hope that at Christmas we can partially lift the restrictions,

" Aguado said in an RNE interview collected by Efe.

He has detailed that this is one of the objectives of the perimeter closure of the Community of Madrid during the Constitution bridge, a measure that in his opinion is "good news" for the people of Madrid, because it sends several messages, the first being "no we can confine ourselves "and that

" we are not doing as well as we would like "


The second message, according to Aguado, would be that the objective is to

shield the "downward trend and try to drag it down as much as possible"

, and the third objective is for it to be that "last great measure" that the Madrid Executive adopts before Christmas.

Therefore, Aguado has reiterated that the will of the Community is "to lift all restrictions as soon as possible", but has specified that he does not know in what epidemiological situation the Christmas dates will arrive and that in any case

the advice of the experts will be followed


On the other hand, he has said that he hopes that the government's vaccination plan, which includes vaccinating a substantial part of Spaniards in the first half of next year,

is "true"

, and has positively valued that it is a "common strategy "That then the autonomous communities have to implement.

Regarding the

establishments where to supply the vaccines

, Aguado has indicated that the experts have to be the ones who say "where, if in health centers" or if there are "other types of premises", but in any case he has assured that it is necessary to "enable" some space, the Community will do it.

The regional vice president, Citizens, has once again defended the realization of

massive tests in pharmacies

, as countries like Slovakia have done, which have tested a large part of the population in a few days, and has indicated that the plan of the Ministry of Health is to do as many tests as possible "not once, but as many as necessary to continue testing".

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