A few weeks ago, the governing coalition in the region announced SEK 50 million in salary investments for healthcare staff for 2021.

In the Moderates' shadow budget, which was presented today, the corresponding investment is SEK 70 million for 2021. The Moderates are also already going out and saying that in the budgets for 2022 and 2023 they want to spend SEK 130 million and SEK 190 million on care salaries, respectively.

Moved holiday

During the corona pandemic, the moderates have raised compensation for the care staff in various contexts and in the budget there is also compensation of SEK 15,000 per week for each care staff who moved their holiday during the holiday period this summer, and SEK 30,000 per week who moved to outside the holiday period.

The moderates also budget to replace care staff who became ill in covid with the difference between sick pay and regular pay.

Unusually large care budget from the coalition for 2021

At the end of September, the coalition in the region presented its health and medical care budget for 2021 of SEK 175 million in addition to the normal budget.

The largest item goes to deferred care due to corona.

More about that in the clip below.

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The coalition in the Jönköping County Region today added a care budget of SEK 175 million in addition to the normal budget.

Photo: Gustaf Söderström / SVT