Stuttgart (dpa / lsw) - The Evangelical Church of Württemberg expects a sharp decline in church tax revenue as a result of the corona crisis.

For 2020, revenues of over 700 million euros are expected after 790 million euros in the same period of the previous year, as Finance Department Head Martin Kastrup announced on Monday in Stuttgart.

The situation is slowly stabilizing again.

Compared to the previous year, October only showed a minus of two percent because catch-up effects were increasingly becoming noticeable.

Church tax is calculated on the basis of wage and income tax.

If, as in the corona crisis, more people go on short-time work or even become unemployed, the church tax revenue will therefore also decrease.

According to its own statements, the regional church has around 600 million euros on the high edge.

The Synod with its 91 elected members, which will meet largely virtually on Thursday in Stuttgart, will deal with the budget for 2021, among other things.

The chairman of the finance committee Tobias Geiger said: "The decline in church tax projected for the mid-twenties is happening now."

He agreed the representatives of the church parliament on financial cuts in the coming years.

The regional church does not depend on the number of two million members, but is also viable with 1.5 million members.

"But with 1.5 million members, we cannot finance structures that were designed for two million or more."

Concrete savings measures are to be worked out in the coming year.


There are two Protestant regional churches in Baden-Württemberg: the Württemberg and Baden regional churches.

According to the information, there are 1210 parishes in Württemberg.

It is the fifth largest of the 20 member churches of the Evangelical Church in Germany (EKD).

Evangelical Church of Württemberg