While Emmanuel Macron is due to announce Tuesday evening an easing of health restrictions around December 1, with the reopening of non-essential businesses, other professionals will probably have to wait until 2021, according to the latest information from Europe 1.

Tuesday evening at 8 p.m., Emmanuel Macron will speak to talk about deconfinement to the French.

Or, in any case, a reduction in health restrictions linked to the coronavirus epidemic.

The Head of State should thus announce a reopening of non-essential businesses around December 1 and, around December 18/20, the possible end of certificates and the ban on driving more than a kilometer from home. , as well as a recommended gauge of 10 people for the Christmas holidays.

A reduction, therefore, but which does not concern certain sectors, such as catering, according to the latest information from Europe 1.

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 Coronavirus: follow the evolution of the situation Monday 23 November

reopening of bars and restaurants around January 15-20

Because the date may be expected, it should not be specified Tuesday evening.

The reopening of restaurants, bars, cafes is not for tomorrow.

We will almost have to wait another two months.

If the health situation allows, they should be able to reopen around January 15-20.

All with reinforced protocols, which are currently being discussed as in all other sectors of activity.

As for cinemas, theaters and performance venues, discussions are still ongoing and they could perhaps reopen just before Christmas.

As for the gyms, for now, it's a tough bargain.

But it is not envisaged that they could reopen before the end of the year.


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Measures maintained until summer

Last information, after the reopening of bars and restaurants at the end of January therefore, we will not be completely deconfined, since the authorities plan to maintain the mandatory mask, barrier gestures and teleworking as much as possible, until the summer.

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Even if everything is moving very quickly, except for a twist, most of these measures will be confirmed Tuesday morning, on the occasion of a new Defense Council at the Elysee Palace.