In the new organization, the new Oxelöskolan together with Ramdalsskolan and Peterslundsskolan will be the primary schools the children in Oxelösund will receive their education in.

Breviksskolan, which is a 7-9 school, will be phased out and after the academic year 2021/2022, no students will return here.

The D-school will also be phased out, but will first be used as an evacuation facility during the time that Peterslundsskolan is renovated, which will take place in the academic year 2022/2023.

"Think again and do the right thing"

The chair of the education committee, Britta Bergström (S), says in a press release that the decision gives an organization that lasts over time.

- I feel happy that it is a unanimous committee that makes this decision, she says.

- Educational results, as well as shortcomings in our premises mean that the education committee must rethink and do the right thing.

I believe that the new organization has good conditions to create a good business for our children, says Stefan Johansson (M), second vice chairman of the education committee.