Bad Iburg (dpa / lni) - In the investigation complex into animal protection violations at a slaughterhouse in Bad Iburg (Osnabrück district), another driver was sentenced to a fine on Monday.

A 24 year old student now has to pay a fine of 300 euros, calculated from 20 daily rates of 15 euros.

The judge showed secretly filmed video recordings of how the animal was pulled from the transport trailer lying down with a chain and then stunned by a slaughterhouse employee with a captive bolt rifle.

In September 2018, the man had transported a cow from a farm in Salzbergen in Emsland to the slaughterhouse in Bad Iburg.

He did the tour on behalf of his father, a transport company, said the defendant, who has since started studying.

The judge agreed with an expert that the animal was no longer able to stand when it was loaded onto the farm and was in severe pain.

The transport and unloading in the slaughterhouse caused the animal further pain.

As a driver, the defendant was responsible for the welfare of the animal, the judge found.


Animal rights activists used secret video recordings in 2018 to uncover the abuses in the slaughterhouse.

After long investigations by the Oldenburg public prosecutor's office responsible for agricultural matters, a whole series of proceedings is ongoing.

The investigation was conducted against farmers, transport drivers, transport companies, slaughterhouse employees, veterinarians and former directors of the slaughterhouse.