At 13:45 today, LKAB has a press conference.

But already now they are telling on DN debate what they intend to reveal.

In the debate post, the mining company's CEO Jan Moström and Svante Axelsson, Fossil-free Sweden, write that the production of iron ore pellets ceases and they invest in a hydrogen-based, carbon dioxide-free process to produce iron fungus instead.

Will create thousands of jobs - annually

The 400 billion investment is described as the largest in Sweden ever.

The money will be distributed over 20 years between 10–20 billion per year and LKAB aims to double sales by 2045.

During the transition, it will also be possible to create 2,000–3,000 jobs annually in Kiruna and Gällivare.

From an environmental point of view, the investment in iron fungus will reduce carbon dioxide emissions among LKAB's customers by 35 million tonnes per year.

Recalculated, this means two thirds of Sweden's territorial emissions.