Overseas Network, November 22. On the 21st local time, Trump’s election lawsuit was frustrated again: A federal judge rejected the Trump campaign’s lawsuit requesting Pennsylvania to revoke the mailed ballot.

The US "Wall Street Journal" stated that this ruling marked a major legal setback for the Trump team.

  Based on the "Wall Street Journal" and Russian Satellite News Agency news, on the 21st, a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit filed by the Trump team earlier.

The lawsuit requires the cancellation of millions of mailed ballots in Pennsylvania.

Judge Matthew Brann described the case as "a worthless, far-fetched legal debate and speculative accusation" and cannot be a legitimate reason for depriving a voter of the right to vote, let alone revoking the sixth most populous state in the United States. Vote of all voters.

  The mainstream media in the United States currently predicts that the Democratic candidate Biden will win the election.

The current President Trump has yet to admit defeat. He and his team are seeking to prove that there was fraud in the election, but related lawsuits have been dismissed by a multi-state judge.

Earlier this week, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court dismissed a Trump team's lawsuit regarding Republican election observers being restricted from monitoring voting, and ruled that "the officials in charge of election voting in Philadelphia did not violate state laws."

(Overseas Net Zhang Qi)