US President Donald Trump, who has continued to claim "president scams," is now taking revenge and punishment against lesser Republicans who rebelled against his claim.

Politico, a political media outlet, reports that Republicans who did not agree with President Trump's claim that there was a massive fraud in the US presidential election are suffering in various forms.

They say they are on the verge of being expelled from the Republican Party in exchange for President Trump's anger, and are threatened with murder from some polar supporters.

Politico said, "Trump has retired senators who opposed him over the past four years, and tweeted about unspeakable Republicans to make them lose the nomination race," said Politico. "We have launched a new operation against the unpopular Republican election officials."

Trump's prime target is Georgia Secretary of State Brad Rappensperger, who'officially certified' Joe Biden's victory in Georgia the previous day.

He adhered to the position that there was no problem with the counting process despite the ongoing pressure from President Trump to prevent confirmation of the election results.

"Everyone knows that we've won Georgia," said President Trump on Twitter on the 14th. "Minister Rappensperger is a Republican only by name."

In an interview with Politico, Secretary Rappensperger said, "In this situation, it is unlikely that his reelection in 2022 will be easy."

"Families are under threat of murder from President Trump's supporters," said Secretary Rappensperger.

Republican Al Schmidt, one of Pennsylvania's electoral commission members, has also been targeted by supporters behind Trump's "tweet coordinates."

He was shot by President Trump as a "Republican by name" after pointing out to several media that there was no evidence of the widespread election fraud he claimed.

"When Trump put my name on Twitter, the content of the threat became concrete," he explained to Politico.

Currently, Schmidt says he is receiving personal protection from the city of Philadelphia.

Politico analyzed that "President Trump cuts their political lives with public curses such as'tweet snipers', and virtually assists and tolerates the radical threat of extreme supporters through his tweets."

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