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United States, President Trump himself and the eldest son were confirmed coronavirus.

Trump insisted that pharmaceutical companies deliberately announced the effectiveness of the vaccine after the presidential election, that is, there was a conspiracy to degrade themselves.

This is Kim Soo-hyung from Washington.


President Trump's eldest son also entered home quarantine when he was diagnosed with Corona 19.

So far, 49 White House and camp officials have been confirmed, according to NBC.

The confirmed coronavirus in the United States again set the worst record at 187,000 a day, and the death toll exceeded 2,000 in six months.

[Deborah Bucks/White House Corona Team Coordinator: This corona spread is spreading faster and more widely. I'm afraid it will


longer.] The

corona test procession that was seen in the United States last spring is also reviving.

Even in Washington DC, which has a population of only 700,000, nearly 200 corona19 infected people come out a day, and simple inspection stations built with tents are appearing throughout the city.

President Trump, who appeared at a press conference after a week, claimed that pharmaceutical companies, resentful of his policy to cut prices, deliberately announced the effectiveness of the vaccine after the presidential election.

[Trump/US President: Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies have decided not to evaluate vaccine results. In other words, the vaccine was not released until the presidential election. Because what I did was helpful to the country.]

There was a conspiracy to dismiss myself.

In the midst of this, Pfizer applied for emergency use of the Corona 19 vaccine developed by the US Food and Drug Administration to the FDA on the 21st.

(Video coverage: Park Eun-ha, Video editing: Kim Jong-woo)