Three years ago, a friend encouraged

Enrique Bernabeu



a beauty contest.

He was selected as

Mr Gay Pride Alicante

and became a finalist in the national edition of the contest in 2017. "What motivated me the most is being able to publicize the existence of

LGTB people with disabilities, who are doubly invisible,

" explains this young man from Peter who was born with cerebral palsy 28 years ago now.

"I have always liked the audiovisual world and although everything happened a bit by chance, it ended up being a success and gave a boost to my more artistic career, as well as my presence on social networks".

Since then, Enrique

has been cultivating numerous accounts on social networks such as Instagram or YouTube

in which he combines his personal content with his

more informative aspect

, which allows him to address related issues such as disability or sexual diversity.

"I have been growing as a communicator and training in this area, which I like a lot because it takes away from daily work and gives me the opportunity to do new things."

Outside the networks, Enrique is

a nursing and social integration assistant and works in the Residence of the Juan Carlos Pérez Santamaría Foundation

, a comprehensive care center for people with physical or organic disabilities who are highly dependent on

Cocemfe Alicante, an entity with which he also collaborates


The latest adventure he has embarked on is Tik Tok, the Chinese social network that he was initially suspicious of.

"I didn't really know if it was going to fit in because it seemed to me that the only thing that people went up was dances and I, the truth, I dance badly and on top of that I move like a shingles," he explains laughing.

In the end, he decided to upload small videos telling different aspects of his day-to-day life

as an openly homosexual person with a disability, another success that in a few days has earned him thousands of followers and views.

"It is very interesting to discuss with people from different countries, to know that they use different names to refer to the same concepts ... For example, I personally prefer to speak of 'person with disabilities' rather than use the term 'functional diversity', which It has been implanted more recently or of 'different capacities', which is used more in Latin America. But it is a matter of taste. Sometimes people do not know how to refer to your disability for fear of disturbing you. The important thing is the way and the context in which things are said and I think it is good to bring different points of view to society so that they know that, with respect, you can go anywhere ".

With a lot of humor and in a close and clear way, Enrique Bernabeu dismantles the


in which many times we all fall and prefers to speak of


rather than


, a concept that we sometimes use without taking into account the subjective nature of our appreciations.

Something that is very clear is that each one is in charge of establishing their own limits.

"Despite this,

I am not naive and I know that society tends to put barriers on us, that we must try to break down


In this sense, he highlights the professional limits that he and many other people with disabilities encounter.

"In the artistic field, we are very limited.

Television, fashion, photography ... are dedicated to mass markets and people with disabilities do not usually fit in or end up pigeonholed

. You have to be realistic but do not stop fighting to break these barriers".

Another issue that he has wanted to talk about on social networks is


, which in his opinion, has always existed although we refer to it differently or giving it less importance.

"I have suffered it in my flesh and I know that it

is a defense mechanism against the unknown

. That is why it is very important to educate young people but also their families to avoid that a child or an adolescent ends up promoting exclusion."

Although there is still a long way to go, he considers that much work has been done to transform these scenarios and this has also allowed new generations of people with disabilities to open up more and have less complexities when communicating with others.

Enrique Bernabeu explains that he wants to continue growing on social networks by generating inclusive content and combining it with his professional career, although he acknowledges that he would like to further exploit his artistic and communicative skills.


It doesn't matter how you convey the message. The important thing is that it reaches the largest number of people to break down all kinds of barriers


According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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