November 21, 2020 "

We cannot go on like this

"With these words Pope Francis addressed the young people who gave life to The Economy of Francesco in Assisi." You know that a different economic narrative is urgently needed, it is urgent to responsibly acknowledge the fact that "the current world system is unsustainable by various points of view "and it strikes our sister earth, so badly treated and stripped, and at the same time the poorest and the excluded", he added, "They go together: you strip the earth and there are so many poor excluded.

They are the first to be damaged and also the first to be forgotten.

But be careful not to be convinced that this is just a recurring commonplace.

You are much more than a superficial and fleeting "noise" that can fall asleep and narcotize with time.

If we do not want this to happen, you are called to make a concrete impact in your cities and universities, in work and in the trade union, in companies and movements, in public and private offices with intelligence, commitment and conviction, to get to the core and the heart where themes and paradigms are elaborated and decided ".


We need a change, we want a change, we are looking for a change

", Pope Francis continued, "we lack the necessary culture to allow and stimulate the opening of different visions, marked by a type of thought, politics, programs educational, and also of spirituality that does not allow itself to be confined by a single dominant logic ", he added.

"If it is urgent to find answers, it is essential to grow and support management groups capable of developing culture, starting processes - do not forget this word: starting processes - tracing paths, broadening horizons, creating belonging. Every effort to administer, care and improve our If the common home is to be meaningful, it requires changing lifestyles, patterns of production and consumption, the consolidated structures of power that govern societies today. Without doing this, you will do nothing ".


The gravity of the current situation

, which the Covid pandemic has made even more evident, requires a responsible awareness of all the social actors, of all of us, among whom you have a primary role: the consequences of our actions and decisions will affect you personally, therefore you cannot stay out of the places where it is generated, I do not say your future, but your present. You cannot stay out of where the present and the future are generated. Either you are involved or history will pass over you ".