(Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia) Macron calls for a coordinated global response to the epidemic at the G20 summit

  China News Agency, Paris, November 21 (Reporter Li Yang) French President Macron delivered a video speech at the 15th summit of the Group of Twenty (G20) leaders on the 21st local time, calling for a coordinated global response to the epidemic.

On October 30, local time, France entered the second nationwide "closed city" in response to the deterioration of the new crown pneumonia epidemic.

The picture shows that there were very few people near the Eiffel Tower in Paris that day.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Li Yang

  Macron said in his speech that the current health crisis is a test for the G20; if we want to achieve results in fighting the epidemic, we need to adopt a global joint response.

  Macron pointed out that the "universal access" of relevant health technologies to fight the epidemic will be the next step to be promoted.

He said that he must do his best to avoid a situation where only the rich can protect themselves from the virus.

  When talking about the new coronavirus vaccine, Macron suggested establishing a related donation process to vaccinate priority groups in developing countries.

He said that in a health emergency, we must promote industrial partnerships with developing countries and provide regions such as Africa with health technology research and production capacity to combat the epidemic.

  Macron said that compared with any time before, developed and developing countries are facing more the same future and challenges, so we must also share solutions to problems.

  During the Paris Peace Forum held this month, Macron said that once the new coronavirus vaccine comes out, France will provide 100 million euros in the "Vaccine Implementation Plan" to ensure that developing countries can also get the vaccine as soon as possible; France promises to provide world health The organization provides an additional 50 million euros.

  France also strongly supports the International Cooperation Initiative "Access to Accelerator Tools for Fighting New Coronary Pneumonia" coordinated by the World Health Organization, which aims to promote the development and production of vaccines at a faster speed and on a larger scale.

  In terms of the French epidemic, according to official statistics on the evening of the 21st, there were 17,881 newly confirmed cases in France on the 21st, with a total of 21,27051 confirmed cases.

The number of deaths from new coronary pneumonia in France is 48,518, with 253 new deaths.

The positive rate of virus testing in France is now 14.8%.